Welcome to our personal website where we can share information about us with family and friends.

We are both retired, living in NW Austin, TX and loving it. Bob retired from 34 years of Federal service, having worked with seven different Federal Agencies as a Program/Budget Analyst. His last Agency was NASA, Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Lana worked as an analytical chemist for an environmental laboratory and became an environmental project manager. She later became a "full time" substitute teacher at the middle and high school levels. She also speaks French which helped us on our European travels.

Lana has two Master's degrees, one in History from the University of Delaware where she also did her undergraduate work and one in Environmental Managemenrt from the University of Houston. Bob received a Master's degree in Public Management from the University of Houston, but received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Florida State University.

In retirement, Bob's passion is ornamental gardening which began when he received an AAS degree in horticulture in the mid 70's. His second interest is doing websites, presentations, and creating things on the home computer. Lana has a variety of interests including Egyptology, paleontology, sewing, cross-stitch, and creative projects on the computer. Bob has been a master gardener since 2001and enjoys sharing his love of horticulture through public speaking and writing articles to help other gardeners succeed. in the central Texas area. He also has a Facebook Page entitled "The Xeriphytic Yard". Lana knits blankets, and other items for premature babies through Threads of Love. We both enjoy reading and playing games as well.

Bob and Lana have been married since 1989, have a blended family of 4 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Lana's older daughter and two grandsons live in Austin, having been a budget analyst for the State of TX before becoming a stay at home mother, Her younger daughter is a licensed family counselor in northern Virginia.. Bob's daughters live in Florida,. His younger is a Realtor with a business in Port St. Lucie. His older daughter is in Veri Beach, and mother of Bob's grandson and granddaughter, a student at Texas A&M..

We are both very actively involved in our Episcopal church. We met in a church choir and still sing in church choir together. Bob a tenor, and Lana an alto/soprano. Lana is the manager of the church's thrift shop. We also do volunteer work for other organizations and keep very busy.

We enjoy our home in Avery Ranch in Texas hill country, and also enjoy our Humane Society pet kitties. We try to live an environmentally conscience life, driving hybrid cars since 2001, recycling everything we can, and conserving valuable resources. We have totally xeriscaped our yard to conserve water and "Grow Green" to protect our environment. We are liberals and feel we should help our government "provide for the general welfare" of all people regardless of their status in life. We enjoy rtraveling. Our goals for the rest of our life is to have fun, and make a difference in the lives of others to the extent possible. We have learned that in giving, we receive more than we ever could have imagined.



Back Yard Xeriscape - click for enlargement


Our Home in Avery Ranch - click for enlargement